Finnish Sauna under the Midsummer Sun

What would you say about the most popular relaxation method the Finns know: sit still on a warm, cosy room, cast some water on the stove and let the humidity and gentle heat surround you. We offer you this experinece in the beautiful surroundings of lake Norvajärvi, just 20 kilometers from the city center of Rovaniemi.

Sauna is an institution in Finland. Most of the appartments even in the urban areas have their own sauna and on summer cottages or cabins it is a must. Finns bath in saunas usually with their families, friends or just by their selves to relax and meditate. Locals believe that sauna can also improve your health. It is said that the variation between warm and cold air is good for your body and especially for your circulation.

Basically the idea of Finnish sauna is to heat a stove and its rocks so hot that a casted water will vaporize and turn in to a heat and humidity. Most traditional Finnish saunas, like ours, are heated with wood. In the sauna room you will sit on fixed, wooden benches around 1,5 meters above the floor. Decide the amount of heat and humidity with the water you will cast on the sauna stove.

In the washroom you can wash yourself with the fresh water from the lake. Choose from warm or cold water or make your own mix.

You can cool your body on the terrace or take a swim in the lake. After bathing in Finnish sauna you can move to our cosy barbeque house and enjoy refreshments and sausages by the open fire.

69 euros/person
3 hours
Norvajärvi, Rovaniemi
Price includes:
towels, washing products, tea/coffee, sausages, swimming, transfer (1–4 persons), insurance
Payment methods:
cash, credit card
Summer season:
Guesthouse Borealis Oy
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